Health and Safety in Tanzania


We have put specific measures in place to ensure the safety of our team and customers as per guidelines issued with the Government of Tanzania and those of the World Health Organization.

Our staff members have been updated about the nature and severity of COVID-19 and related viruses, as well the pandemic spread trending to ensure the safety of themselves and our guests.

The use of Personal protective equipment (PPE), such as face masks, face shields and gloves is mandatory at our premises.

In brief the guidelines include:

  • Remotely guests and staff temperature checking by thermal thermometer;
  • Guests’ request to wear face coverings in all public areas;
  • Mandatory staff hand gloves and face covering material wearing all the time providing service;
  • Meals served in platted bases rather than in public containers,
  • Rooms cleaned with appropriate disinfectants;
  • Hand sanitizing facilities are available in all public entrances and buildings;
  • Always adhered social distancing between staff and customers;
  • Vehicles are sanitized in regular basis and fixed with hand wash/sanitizer equipments;
  • Vehicles boarding limited number of passengers per journey as required by PPE standards;

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